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2 Okt, 2013

Uhren, Trauringe, Armbänder und Halsketten online kaufen - bei Glaser und Sohn

Der offizielle Online-Shop von Glaser und Sohn.

Design meets titanium… 

Designer Uli Glaser from HamburgAs a master goldsmith, Uli Glaser initially followed in the footsteps of a four-generation family tradition. His studies at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki bolstered his creative potential and was a source of inspiration for innovative product development. In November of 1988, the designer founded his one-man company, Uli Glaser Design. His countless jewelry designs are realized in his Hamburg studio’s integrated workshop. Marketing and cooperation agreements with jewelry partners have been continuously expanded since 1992. The innovative TITANIUM-pure jewelry collection has been a force in Europe, the US and Japan since 1993, and has now entered the Spanish market as well. To this day, the designer has remained true to his production site in Hamburg and his “Made in Germany” quality claim.

First choice in titanium

A small selection of our collectionTITANIUM is a material of superlatives, which is attested to by its 100% purity, hardness and optimum wear ability in terms of its hypo-allergenic properties. Traditional goldsmith techniques combined with highly developed CNC programs, also fulfill the highest quality requirements for intriguing customer requests.

The combination of TITANIUM with platinum and 18-carat gold as well as the finest quality hand-set, brilliant-cut diamonds has created completely new dimensions. As specialists, we are also naturally in the position to make size adjustments to your jewelry and wedding rings as part of our professional After-Sales-Service.


The idea to develop a collection that could be launched on the market as a high-quality alternative to traditionalTITANIUM pur collection Made in Germany jewelry came about in 1992. The purest titanium combined with gold and platinum was the answer. By fusing together modern design forms and traditional setting techniques, the wedding rings together with top-quality, brilliant-cut diamonds have quickly become classics. The elegant accessories in a cool look perfectly complement your personal jewelry set. Uli Glaser offers an extensive collection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces made of this both elegant and technically high-quality material. Following this concept, the designer has become one of the most popular and internationally renowned creative artists for exclusive titanium jewelry.


We produce in Germany Hamburg!…offers a range of wedding rings for everything from traditional to purist designs for genuine individualists.

All products are engraved and bear the significant signature of the designer. We make special engravings for you by hand. Thanks to the perfect craftsmanship of our products, we grant a 5-year warranty.


Allergy-free jewelry without compromises!

TITANIUM pur in its best form

After encountering a few teething problems when first working with titanium, we finally succeeded in processing this grey, unspectacular material so that it appeared astonishingly similar to the highly expensive material platinum. High-tech production techniques using CNC and traditional jewelry making have been combined in order to realize all designs. We work with this pure metal (c.p. titanium) either in its pure state or in combination with pure precious metals such as 24k fine gold or 999 pure platinum/PT960 in addition to the finest cut diamonds so that allergy sufferers can also enjoy wearing our jewelry without restrictions on their quality of life. We will produce any product for you to your specific requests and in line with technical requirements.

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